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The Applied Advisor Philosophy

Money is a tool and as a tool it allows you to express your values in the way you spend and manage it. There is a tremendous amount of anxiety and unhappiness when money behavior does not reflect your true values.

Acoms razor: The simplest solution tends to be the correct one.

It is easy to become myopic around your financial issues. An objective set of eyes will keep you focused on the big picture.

Along the way we have all picked up particular money habits from our parents, friends or life experience. Some of these habits are good and some are counter productive, but they are all habits— not personality traits or biological imperatives which is good, habits can be changed!
Financial Planning
Financial planning is a process of implementation and review, not a single event or printed report. Creating the initial plan is just the first step in a life long process.

It is not my job to make you rich. It is my job to guide you towards financial security.

Success in financial planning comes from saving diligently and spending wisely rather than finding the latest way to "beat the market".

Before you are able to invest for the future you must have a proper foundation in place. A proper foundation includes spending less then you earn, appropriate cash reserves, insurance coverage, an estate plan and a debt elimination strategy.

Financial planning is designed to change with your life. Don't wait until you have everything in just the right place before you contact a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

If a financial professional can not be bothered to devote the time and energy required to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner you should not devote any of your time or money to that individual.
Long term results are my primary focus. Excessive concentration on the short term will be counterproductive to achieving your goals.

Never invest in something you don't understand.

Market timing increases risk and cost. I believe individuals should view their investment portfolio with a long-term time horizon.

Asset allocation (diversification) is the key to investment success.

You can't control the market or the economy, but you can control investment costs and to some degree taxes. Controlling costs is the most reliable way to improve investment performance.

Trading individual stocks is not appropriate for most investors, no matter the size of the portfolio.

My primary concern when making investment recommendations is managing risk rather then generating return. My goal is not to beat the market but to help you to obtain the market return that will allow you to achieve your dreams without unreasonable risk.

Investing without goals is like traveling without a map: you might eventually end up where you're going, but you will waste time and money along the way and, worse yet, you may not even know when you've arrived.

Independent, objective advice is vital to creating a successful plan. Avoid seduction and manipulation by marketplace hype and hysteria. Take the recommendations and sound bites of mass media, friends and family with the skepticism it deserves.
The time to think about tax consequences is before taking action, not after the fact. Tax reduction requires tax planning not "hidden deductions" or complex tax shelters.

Never let the tax tail wag the dog. Taxes are a fact of life, avoiding taxes at all costs can be counterproductive.

I will behave in a trustworthy and ethical manner at all times, including when it comes time to prepare your taxes. I expect you to be honest with me. Please don't expect me to help you cheat on your taxes.
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