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Choosing an Investment Advisor

Compensation Method
Other than fee-only there are three common ways a financial planner is paid:
  • • Assets Under Management (AUM): A planner manages a portfolio on your behalf and provides supplemental advice in exchange for a percentage of the assets they manage.
  • • Commissioned planner: provides supplemental planning in conjunction with selling products.
  • • Fee-Based planner: provides planning for a fee in conjunction with selling products to implement the advice.

The former tend to focus on wealthy individuals with a large pool of assets while the later two will work for the less affluent since the cost of services is wrapped-up in the products sold, creating low/no out of pocket expenses for the client.

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Fee-Only Financial Planning

Financial Planners Who Charge by the Hour
The AUM and commissioned approaches to financial planning leave many people with no one to turn to:
  • • What happens if you are happy managing your own money and just want a little coaching?
  • • What happens if your wealth is tied up in real estate or retirement plans which hold less interest for wealth managers because their fee structure usually requires liquid, taxable investments?
  • • What happens if you have just begun accumulating wealth and you want advice without a sales pitch?
  • • What happens if you are still trying to develop the building blocks of a successful financial future and need to pay down debt or build an emergency fund, not buy investment products?

Fee-only financial planners charge the same way an attorney or accountant charge, by the hour or project. In my opinion this opens up financial planning to many more people since it isn't necessary to require a minimum portfolio size (although some do— Applied Advisor does not). Commissioned or fee-based planners are great if you don't want to pay an hourly rate, but some people are concerned about the potential for a conflict between their goals and the products the planner sells in order to be compensated. It's important to understand there is no wrong way to be compensated— what's important is how your feelings and personal situation match the planner and her fee model.

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An Approach That Helps More People

The Big Picture
Everyone has a different situation, some require detailed financial analysis others need general direction or support. The approach at Applied Advisor provides people of most income levels access to professional advice at a fair price without sacrificing fee-only, expert guidance. Advice is provided on an hourly basis with no minimum dollar value to start or maintain a professional relationship.

Applied Advisor is a California Registered Investment Advisor. Financial planning, investment advice, and primary client contact is provided by Kathy Hentges, CFP®, founder and principal of Applied Advisor.

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Are We a Good Fit?

Choosing an Advisor
Choosing an advisor can be a difficult task. It's important to work with someone who has experience with situations similar to yours, someone with an approach to financial matters that match your beliefs and attitudes and someone you trust and get along with.

Not every prospective financial or tax client can be served by Applied Advisor. Sometimes this is because client needs fall outside the scope of the practice, sometimes this is because of a mismatch in the expectations of what it is a financial planner or investment advisor does. Please use the appropriate link to learn more about what it means to work with Kathy Hentges, CFP® and Applied Advisor.

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